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“Working with Sophie has been transformative, to say the least! Her personalised advice has truly exceeded expectations. Her in-depth understanding of nutrition, paired with a compassionate approach to my lifestyle has guided me toward healthier choices that have
helped me to boost energy levels, productivity. and in turn mood. I no longer feel as if I’m running on empty and have completely changed my routine. Sophie’s unwavering support has not only improved my overall well-being but has also equipped me with valuable insights for sustaining a balanced and nourishing lifestyle as a busy freelancer. Highly recommend getting started with her sooner rather than later…”
Emma Jane Palin - Interior Stylist & Writer, Kent

“Sophie was great to work with. Supportive, approachable and knowledgeable, she really helped me to navigate a difficult period of digestive flare ups, bloating and food confusion. With Sophie’s help, I was able to make some pretty big changes I’ve wanted to make for a while and shift my whole mindset around nutrition. I’m taking what l’ve learned with me into my day-to-day life and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sophie if you want a kind, reassuring voice in your corner to help you get your lifestyle closer to where you’d like it to be.”
Charlotte - Kent

“I began working with Sophie last Autumn and at the time I was going through a difficult period having recently experienced a miscarriage. I knew I needed expert guidance and support to get my nutrition back on track and to begin to feel stronger and to nourish my body. Working with Sophie gave me so much more than I could have imagined. Sophie is not only an incredibly knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist, she’s also an amazing coach and guided and supported me through the life changes I began to make through the programme she gave me. Working with Sophie changed my life and finally everything I’d been trying to do for years (and failed miserably at!) came together through consistent small changes. I feel stronger and more confident in knowing what my body needs to thrive and I understand so much more about how to stay on track and consistent. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Aisling - Kent

“You have been a lifesaver for me. I loved our consultations… you and the plan, guidance, encouragement, and advice on supplements have really changed things around for me. No more 3pm fog, more exercise, and better eating, with the odd treat of course! I have my bespoke plan sellotaped to my store cupboard. Thank you!”

Anna - Leadership and Brand Coach, Kent

“After many years of digestive issues, within a few months Sophie had my
gut in really good health. This was despite me being particularly busy over this time. Sophie really listened to the specifics of my situation and was able to guide me through everything very clearly. couldn’t recommend her more..!”

Chris - East London

“As a coach, I understand the importance of investing in yourself and your wellbeing. After a tough couple of years, I felt on the edge of burnout; fatigued, stressed, and couldn’t even face exercising anymore. With Sophie, I have been able to turn this around over a period of a few months, and I am now feeling much better. She enabled me to make changes to my lifestyle, all of which were practical and enjoyable to implement. She also kept me accountable to my goals. Thanks Sophie!”

Claire - Executive Coach, Kent

“I’m so glad I was put in touch with Sophie. After being diagnosed with IBS, and having no idea how to deal with my symptoms, I thought I would have to live in discomfort for life. Sophie has shown me that through simple changes to my diet I am able to manage my symptoms and no longer have those worries, within a couple of weeks I was already feeling better. love her holistic approach to gut healing and I have learnt so much about the digestive system, which is great as I like knowing the science behind the things Sophie has asked me to try! Really friendly, very informative, couldn’t recommend her enough!”


“Sophie spoke recently at our annual conference and her session proved to be
the most engaging of the day. She explained simply and clearly the benefits of eating healthily for energy, and our diverse audience found this most informative with good positive feedback. The session was entitled ‘Eating for Energy: Beating the Afternoon Slump’ – it was engaging and everyone found it extremley beneficial.”

David - Managing Director

“While training for a half marathon, I was getting very confused with the amount of nutrition information available. This confusion led me to some consultations with Sophie. From the start Sophie was very detailed in requesting information about my current health, goals, and aims, and the consultations that followed were a gold mine as to how to approach sports/running nutrition and what approach might suit me. Furthermore, there were excellent suggestions to improve my overall nutrition. I would recommend anyone to seek nutrition advice/help from Sophie, whether you are training for a sports event or would like to improve your general health.”

Jonathan - London